Bitcoin Investment

With recent world events such as evidence of governments spying on its own citizens, Brexit, and global terrorism and war, a growing number of people are looking for a way to safeguard their assets and establish more stability in this uncertain world. And they are flocking in increasing numbers to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

What Does Bitcoin Have to Offer?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer enhanced privacy over fiat currency because it is not necessary to provide personal information to send or receive bitcoins. In that sense, it provides the ability to make an anonymous transaction. But it also provides additional advantages, particularly the fact the it is a decentralized currency which makes it beyond the reach of regulation by governments and financial organizations. This has the potential to make it a more stable currency than others that are subject to local government events, wars, recessions, natural disasters, and human meddling. Others are drawn to bitcoin because it offers financial transactions with remarkable speed, and the cost of these transactions is incredibly low.

How to Invest in Bitcoin

With all this interest in bitcoins and its popularity sharply on the rise, many entrepreneurs and invests are wondering how they can earn money with bitcoin. Fortunately there are still many opportunities. Unfortunately, this has also brought out many crooks and scam designed to take your money. Currencies operating on the blockchain are a relatively complex subject, and with the ever-evolving technologies associated with it combined with the anonymity that it enables, it has become a lucrative target for criminal activities. That’s why it is critical to do all due diligence before making a bitcoin investment.

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Why You Should Be Wary of Bitcoin Investments

There are a few reasons there that so many bitcoin investment scams have emerged in the last few years. This most common reason is that while people can plainly see that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general have an enormously promising future, it’s a technology that is difficult to fully grasp. Even the people who have a comprehensive understanding of it find it challenging to explain. The result is that many people are able to offer a bitcoin investment opportunity and receive funds from investors mainly because they seem to know what they are talking about or seem legitimate. Unscrupulous investors reason that even though they don’t fully understand it themselves, they are investing in somebody who does, and they feel confident in their investment for that reason.

Here are a few of the investments out there to beware of:

bitcoin investment opportunity 1
-why to avoid it

bitcoin investment opportunity 2
-why to avoid it

bitcoin investment opportunity 3
-why to avoid it

Here’s one we’re not sure about. We have friends who are making money with this, but it has signs of being a ponzi scheme. Bitclub Network

Here are some bitcoin investment opportunities we have found to be legitimate:

-Bitcoin investment opportunity 4, why it’s pretty good / resources

-Bitcoin investment opportunity 5, why it’s pretty good / casino investment

Other bitcoin gambling sites that allow you to invest:

Bitcoin has reached a maturity point where it is no longer as lucrative to mine for bitcoins. Here is a list of bitcoin mining pools:

And buying and holding the currency will likely yield profits in the long run, but is unlikely to produce strong earnings in the shorter term. However, there are many other cryptocurrencies to invest in that have the potential to turn much more dramatic profits. Here is a chart that shows the most profitable cryptocurrencies to mine at this time:

Hopefully this article has helped you understand some of the pitfalls and opportunities that exist out there when you are considering how to invest in bitcoin. The opportunities right now are incredible if you do your homework and invest wisely. Good luck!