Bitcoin Bingo

While it’s not difficult to find a Bingo-style game that you can play with Bitcoins, it’s extremely rare to find a Bitcoin Bingo game that is true to the original classic game of Bingo AND is provably fair. Currently, the only such game available is FortuneJack Bingo. This Bingo game uses FortuneJack’s proprietary software (you will not find it at any other online casinos) and has a “provably fair” mechanism to put your mind at ease. While most casinos tend to be fair anyhow, there are certainly plenty of bad apples, and it’s nice to have the added certainty and reassurance. So if you’re going to play Bitcoin Bingo, we recommend playing the provably fair Bingo at FortuneJack.

Bitcoin Bingo

Bitcoin Bingo Casino Pros Cons Bonus
  • Lots of proprietary "Provably Fair" Bitcoin games
  • Accepts multiple cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Monero and Ethereum
  • Superb game selection
  • The conversion rate on their "Buy BTC" feature is terrible (so be sure to deposit Bitcoins - don't buy them there!)
130% Up to 0.5 BTC

Visit FortuneJack Casino
  • Has a complete sportsbook feature
  • Has a "big casino" feel, with huge selection of games
  • One of the original major Bitcoin casinos to enter the market
  • Only the SoftSwiss games are provably fair
  • No live chat support. It appears to be a live chat window, but it just sends an email
  • Loyalty point bonus reward system is a bit difficult to understand
100% Up to 5 BTC

Visit Cloudbet
  • Offers use of Google Authenticator for added security
  • Nice looking site design and game implementation
  • They have Lotteries and Bingo games
  • Menu says they have sportsbook, but there is no sportsbook
  • Quickfire games force you to give personal details to play
100% Up to 1 BTC


Long before bitcoin ever existed, Bingo was widely known as a family, church or community social pastime. But make no mistake: in 2017, bingo is big business. It is estimated that over 3 million people play bingo every day, and those numbers are growing. And now that bitcoin bingo has arrived and made the game even better, bingo is certain to continue to remain popular for many years to come.

You’ll notice that most of the Bingo games at Bitcoin casinos are variations on the Bingo theme – they are not necessarily “true” versions of traditional Bingo. If you are looking for a classic Bingo game, try the proprietary and provably fair version at FortuneJack casino. Also note that you can play the various Bingo style games in free “demo” or “practice” mode at FortuneJack or, but not at Cloudbet.

It was in the 1950’s that Bingo was first made legal in the U.S. states of New York and New Jersey. Up to that time, it was a way for churches to generate desperately needed funds to help those who were down on their luck during the Great Depression. But after seeing how much money these two states were making by licensing and taxing Bingo games, many other states soon jumped on the Bingo bandwagon in an effort to get their own slice of the pie. Now fast forward to 2017, with the proliferation of Native American casinos and the rapid maturation of the online gambling market, the game of bingo is more popular than ever.

How to Play Bitcoin Bingo

A large part of the appeal of bingo lies in its simplicity. Most anybody of any age can easily play this game, and it appeals to children, the elderly, and everybody in-between. The rules are few: everybody has their own bingo card to play, and no two bingo cards are exactly alike. A bingo card is a 5×5 grid of squares with one of the five letters B-I-N-G-O across the the top of each column, and a different number (1-75) in each square.

At the beginning of the game, the pattern is established for the game. Numbers are called out one by one until one or more players has the winning game pattern. Players are usually allowed to play more than one card if they choose to increase the interest and excitement.

Another reason for the wide popularity of bingo is the social aspect. People love to socialize and chat with one another when playing bingo. The slow pace and the simplicity of the gameplay make bingo lend itself well to socializing because you have plenty of free time and mental space during the game.

Why Bitcoin Bingo

Like many casino gambling games, adapting bingo to the world of online gaming provide the opportunity to improve on some aspects of the game. For example, when playing bingo online it is very easy to play multiple cards at once. In fact, because of new features made possible by playing on a computer, the bingo game can now automatically fill in the numbers on your card, so you don’t ever have to concern yourself with making a mistake or forgetting to fill in a number.

In fact, bitcoin bingo games are able to take the convenience of the game several steps further than that. Players who may have become used to playing bingo online with traditional fiat currencies like USD or GBP will be amazed at how fast the bitcoin transactions, and how low the fees are. And playing bingo on the bitcoin blockchain makes it possible to implement the provably fair gaming mechanism, which ensures your game is on the up-and-up and nobody is cheating. The other major benefit of bitcoin bingo over other forms of the game is that you can maintain your anonymity if you choose.

Obviously, there is a significant upside to playing bingo with bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. But like anything online, you have to watch out for bad elements that may be using the cloak of the internet to take advantage of others. This is why we suggest doing your research and taking the time to read feedback from other players and trusted reviews like the ones on this site. Do that, and set your playing limit before you begin, and we feel certain you’ll have a great time playing bitcoin bingo, the best variety of this great game to date!