Bitcoin Lottery

If you ask a random person on the street what game of chance is known for paying out the largest fortunes, most people will tell you it’s the lottery. As a matter of fact, it has become a bit of a cliche for a person to say, “I need to win the lottery” or “I should play the lottery more often” whenever they are in need of a large amount of money. So for a game with this mainstream level of popularity, it’s no surprise that it has quickly been adapted to the new cryptocurrency with bitcoin lottery games.

Bitcoin Lottery Casino Pros Cons Bonus
  • Astonishing number of software providers and games to choose from
  • Lottery, sportsbook and proprietary games
  • The best Live Dealer games
  • eSports, Financial, Forex
  • Main lobby is in every language known to man
  • Allows deposits in a variety of cryptocurrencies
  • Some games require converting your account balance into USD
  • Site navigation feels a little cobbled together
  • Does not have a search feature
  • USA players no longer allowed
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Visit 1xBit Casino
  • Monthly lottery & weekly raffle
  • They have the nice OneTouch "Provably Fair" mobile games
  • Free Bitcoin faucet
  • Live dealer games
  • Live chat support
  • Advertises that they have sportsbook, but they do not
  • Limited deposit methods
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  • Offers use of Google Authenticator for added security
  • Nice looking site design and game implementation
  • They have Lotteries and Bingo games
  • Menu says they have sportsbook, but there is no sportsbook
  • Quickfire games force you to give personal details to play
100% Up to 1 BTC


While there are lottery games in many different fiat (traditional paper) currencies, bitcoin lotteries are the only ones to actually make improvements to the game. The use of Bitcoin’s blockchain has made it possible to create a lottery game that is 100% provably fair and unable to be cheated. What’s more, it allows any person to verify for themselves that it is fair at any time. And when you consider the additional benefits of using bitcoin, like the ability to maintain your anonymity and extremely low transaction fees with little to no waiting times for your financial transactions, you start to see how much the bitcoin lottery games have transformed and improved the genre of lottery games.

For many, a lottery game that can be verified as fair is exponentially more attractive than one that operates merely on faith and trust in the body that is operating the contest. After all, who has more of a motive to cheat than somebody who stands to gain large amounts of money? A provably fair bitcoin lottery game solves this dilemma, a fact that alone seems to ensure that these games will continue to rise in popularity.

How to Choose a Bitcoin Lottery Site

The two most important factors to consider when selecting a bitcoin lottery website are:

1) Are you a minor? If so, then as with all online gambling games, stay away from these sites.

2) Is lottery restricted in your area? If it is, then steer clear of bitcoin lottery games to avoid problems.

If you a clear of those two barriers to entry, it is time to select a lottery game. There are many excellent options now, and here are some of the criteria you may want to consider:

-Is it provably fair?
-What bonuses and promotions to do they offer?
-How long have they been around?
-Are they legally licensed? In what territory?
-What software do they use for their lottery games?
-What are players saying about them? What kind of reputation do they have?
-How is the gameplay experience? Do they have appealing graphics, sound and animation?
-Do they let you play for free? Do they have a bitcoin faucet?

Once you’ve established which of these criteria are most important to you, it’s easy to take a look at the research we’ve done so you can select the bitcoin lottery game that is best suited to what you are looking for. Many of them will let you play for free, or using some funds from their bitcoin faucet, so if you would like try it out before using your own bitcoins, this is a good route to pursue.

This is pretty much all you need to know to have a fun, secure and fair gambling experience playing bitcoin lotto. As always, establish your betting limit before you begin to play. Always walk away once you reach your limit and never play beyond your means! Have fun out there and we wish you the best of luck playing bitcoin lotteries!