Bitcoin Prediction Market

The Bitcoin Prediction market has emerged with a new way to wager on pretty much anything you can think of that can be proven in a clear way. Not only can you place a bet on what you think the value of Bitcoin will be on some future date (the most common wager you see in these marketplaces), but you can bet on the outcome of political elections, wars, polls, earthquakes, Nobel Peace Prize winners, the TIME magazine person of the year, or just about anything else you can imagine. That’s part of the fun of bitcoin prediction market website: if there’s something you want to place a bet on, you can create the “market” yourself and get other people to bet on it with you. It’s a great concept that works particularly well with bitcoin because it is anonymous and operates beyond the reach of regulatory bodies.

Bitcoin Prediction Market Casino Pros Cons Bonus
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  • Main lobby is in every language known to man
  • Allows deposits in a variety of cryptocurrencies
  • Some games require converting your account balance into USD
  • Site navigation feels a little cobbled together
  • Does not have a search feature
  • USA players no longer allowed
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Forget Bitcoin. The Blockchain Could Reveal What’s True Today and Tomorrow

When many people think of bitcoin gambling, they automatically think of casino games especially the table games like roulette, blackjack and craps, or bitcoin slots and video poker games. Probably the second group of BTC gambling to come to mind would be all the bitcoin sportsbetting options. Yes, those are all common areas for bitcoin betting, but most wagering enthusiasts are still not aware of what’s become known as the bitcoin prediction market.

Here are some examples of the types of things you can bet on in the BTC prediction market:

-Will Trump end Obamacare in 2017?
-Will Hillary Clinton be indicted in 2017?
-Who will die in Season 7 of Game of Thrones?
-Will Kellyann Conway quit, resign, or be fired?
-Will Donald Trump be impeached?
-Will Conor McGregor fight Floyd Mayweather in 2017?

And countless other markets are available. The reality is that anything and everything that a person can conjure up that other people would be interested in betting on is being done right now.

In the past, there have been some websites and sports betting sites that have branched out into these prediction markets, but until the integration of bitcoin, none of them had the ability to offer the benefits that become possible with the use of a cryptocurrency. As previously mentioned, the advantage of being a decentralized currency that is not beholden to governments or banks is a huge plus because it simplifies the transaction process that must occur so your bitcoin withdrawals and deposits occur nearly instantaneously and the fee you incur is barely noticeable – usually just a few pennies. And of course the other great thing about using bitcoin prediction markets is that you don’t need to divulge your personal details like your name, address, phone number, etc. like you used to have to do with traditional fiat currencies like British Pounds or U.S. Dollars.

One last benefit that is scarcely mentioned is that the mere possession of bitcoins itself is considered to be a good investment by countless people, so even if you have bitcoins and don’t win or lose any wagers, it has proven to provide excellent return on investment over time so far, so you are likely doing a wise thing with your money just by converting some of it to bitcoin. Of course, like any investment, there is no sure thing but it’s worth keeping in mind.

So if you’re a person who enjoys betting with bitcoin and you want to take a break from bitcoin casino games and wagering on sports, you might consider taking look at what some of the bitcoin prediction market sites have to offer. Even if you choose not to participate, we’re sure you’ll be intrigued by this emerging market for bitcoin gambling. And who knows, you might be correct in your speculation and win some bitcoins!