Bitcoin Sic Bo

Part of the charm of Bitcoin games is that they can take some of the oldest casino games in the world and reinvigorate them with a modern feel and actually improve the gambling experience. There’s no better example of this than Bitcoin Sic Bo. While this betting game of Chinese origin (Sic Bo translates to “dice pair”) is one of the most ancient games represented in the casinos, you have never seen it shine so brightly as it does it its cryptocurrency adaptation. Like they’ve done with other bitcoin casino games, the software providers have redesigned and re-engineered Sic Bo specifically for Bitcoin.

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What Is Bitcoin Sic Bo?

The traditional view of Sic Bo (pronounced “see-bow”) is that it is essentially a hybrid of Roulette and Craps. While the heart of the game remains the same, Bitcoin Sic Bo has added state-of-the-art digital gameplay plus the advantages of being probably fair, able to be played from anywhere at any time, played in complete anonymity and enjoyed without any transaction fees. Some casinos also offer a live dealer option that uses live streaming cameras to show a real dealer rolling the dice for an authentic Sic Bo experience.

How to Play Bitcoin Sic Bo

If you’re new to Sic Bo, the board can appear to be complex. However, you’ll quickly learn that it is one of the more simple and straightforward Bitcoin games. Basically, it boils down to this: the dealer throws three dice, and players bet bitcoins on the results.

There are six different types of wagers you can make in Bitcoin Sicbo and the :

Small and Big

We’ll go through of each of these betting types one by one.

Types of Wagers in BTC Sic Bo

Total. The first one we’ll discuss is probably the easiest and that’s called the Total. This number is going to be anywhere from 4 to 17 (in case you’re wondering, 3 and 18 will be covered by the Triple, which is detailed later on this page). Each of these wagers payout based on the odds of them occurring and these figures are printed prominently in the squares on the Sicbo board.

The payouts can vary slightly from one Bitcoin casino to another but to give you an idea, 4 and 17 might reward you at 60:1. That’s sixty units for every unit wagered, whereas 10 and 11 often payout only 6 to 1. The reason for this is that there are more combinations of the three dice rolls that can potentially result in a 10 than there are that can result in a roll of a four. The greater the gambling odds, the greater the payout.

Small and Big. These bets, sometimes referred to as the “Low and High” bets, are known as the safest bets in the game of Sicbo. For that same reason, they also have the lowest payouts. Betting on “Small” means that if the total of the three dice is between 4 and 10 you get a payout. Betting on “Big” means you win if the dice total between 11 and 17. Winning one of these bets usually pays out at 1 to 1, which is considered an evens chance bet. The caveat is that if a Triple appears, neither a “Small” or a “Big” bet is going to win. This is what gives the casino a slight house edge.

Combination. This bet, also known as “Two of a Kind”, allows you to wager on any of the 15 specific two dice combinations that are possible. In Bitcoin Sicbo, the combination bet usually pays 6 to 1 and the mathematical probability of winning is calculated to be 13.89%.

Single. This is a bet that a specific number is going to appear on any one of the three dice. If the chosen number appears on one of the dice you get an even (1:1) payout.

Double. You can also bet that the number is going to show up on two of the dice (which pays out 10:1).

Triple. The Triple bet is a wager that your specific number will show up on all three dice. A Triple win will reward you with a 30:1 payout.

So don’t be intimidated by the complex looking Sicbo board. Once you’ve had a short time to get a feel for it you’ll understand that simplicity is the beauty of Bitcoin Sic Bo and the reason it has endured for thousands of years.